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What is Star News TV?  We’re two community television stations on the North Carolina and Virginia border.  With broadcasting transmitters located in Reidsville, North Carolina, and on White Oak Mountain just outside of Danville, Virginia, Star News TV brings you local programming that you want to see every day.  Our daily broadcasts include local news, weather, talk shows, local comedy programs, community and regional events, religious programs, NASCAR coverage, and lots more.  We bring you programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our studios are located in downtown Reidsville, North Carolina (WGSR Channel 19 HD) and on Hollywood Mountain in Martinsville, Virginia (WMDV Channel 23 SD).  Besides watching us over-the-air using an antenna, our programming can be found on Spectrum, Chatmoss Cable and on Comcast. AT&T UVerse customers in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina can watch us on channel 47 in five counties.  You can see the complete list below.


Star News TV started out as one small cable TV channel in Martinsville, Virginia, known as NewsChannel 18.  Looking to expand into over the air broadcasting, in 2004, the company owners, Star News Corporation, purchased the former analog channel 14 in Reidsville, North Carolina.  In 2009, following a mandate by the Federal Communications Commission, Star News TV converted to high definition digital broadcasting.   After several frequency or channel changes ordered by the FCC, WGSR in Reidsville now operates on digital channel 19.  Looking to expand even further, in 2009, the owners purchased another analog station, this one in Danville, Virginia.  After converting the station to digital broadcasting, WMDV now operates on digital channel 23.


Word of mouth used to be considered as the best advertising.  Not any more.  These days, word of mouth just doesn’t cut it.  Wise business owners and managers know that to get the word out, you need to use the best tools available, all while not spending a fortune to do it.  That’s how Star News TV can help you!  Our helpful advertising professionals can formulate a custom and affordable plan for your particular business. That includes writing, directing, video taping, editing, and of course, airing your commercial.  Find out more by calling Debra Buchanan at [276] 358-1463 or Linda Wyatt at [336] 616-2113.  Both will be more than happy to help put together the right advertising package for you and your business.


Our Star News TV stations in both Reidsville and Martinsville offer plenty of local and regional programming that our viewers appreciate.  Some of our shows even allow viewers to participate too.  Some of our local shows include The Buzz; Local News & Weather; Star Talk; Legal Chat; Monday Night Live; Swap Post TV; Reidsville City Chat; Martinsville Tonight; Good Morning, Good Morning; Ask The Sheriff; A Few Minutes With The Eden Mayor; Now Explosion; and more.  Regional and national programs you can see on our Star News TV stations include Race Line; Race Week; Cheaters; and religious programming on weekends.


Finding Star News TV is as easy as picking up your remote control.  You can easily watch our TV stations over the air using an antenna, on your cable provider, or on AT&T UVerse.  Here’s where to find us:

Comcast Cable Channel 17 in Martinsville and Danville, Virginia, and in Caswell County, North Carolina;

Comcast Cable Channel 18 in Martinsville, Virginia;

Chatmoss Cable Channel 14 in Martinsville and Danville, Virginia, areas;

Spectrum Cable Channels 5 and 1231 in Rockingham County, North Carolina;

AT&T UVerse Channel 47 in Rockingham, Alamance, Guilford, Forsyth and Randolph counties in North Carolina.


You can contact our Star News TV stations easily.  Feel free to call or stop by to learn more about our programming, advertising opportunities, and how we can help you.

• Star News TV – WGSR Channel 19, 115 Gilmer Street, Reidsville, North Carolina   [336] 342-2668.

• Star News TV – WMDV Channel 23, 909 Commonwealth Blvd, Martinsville, Virginia   [276] 656-3900.

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